Tip Of The Month

A Checklist to Preparing Files for Print Production.

May 11, 2021

With most print projects detailed job specifications should be adhered to. Failure to do this can result in additional expenses and a delay in production. The following points can be used as a check list or guide.

  1. Create an art file preferably in Adobe Creative Cloud in CMYK and/or spot colors
  2. Remove any un-used colors or convert to CMYK. NO RGB 
  3. Names layers clearly if UV, varnish, or coating techniques are used.
  4. Add 1/8” bleed of image around the entire piece.
  5. Package the file.
  6. The package should contain fonts, hi res images, documents, and hi res PDF’s.

A Hi Res PDF is preferred along with native files from Adobe CC.  ZIP the file before sending to avoid it becoming corrupt during transfer. If the file is to large to e-mail either create a Drop Box link or upload to our FTP site.

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